Favorite scenes from the extended weekend
In no particular order:

  • All the uninterrupted extra free time allowed Nick to be deep in thought.

  • I was able to catch up on a good book.

  • We showed my parents around our new loft building. There's not much to see yet besides an old empty warehouse, so check out the view.

  • We went to an antique store with my parents, keeping our eyes open for interesting robot parts. Also spotted the ceiling.

  • Nick found a new backpack and I found a big hunk.

  • While at Target, fell in love with this stylish walking vest.

  • Relaxed at the park.

Other scenes that you don't get to see because I didn't or couldn't take pictures and/or they involve people who may or may not wish for their photos to be plastered on the Internet:

  • Spending quality time with Nick's side of the family. All 11 of Nick's brothers and sisters were here at the same time, which almost never happens as one lives in Switzerland, one lives in New York and one has lived in Azerbaijan in the past but has been back for about a year. There was a lot of eating, chatting, and golf-playing (sadly, it was just the boys and they did not need me to drive any golf carts).

  • Going to the movies to see Ratatouille with my sister-in-law and too-cute-for-words little nieces. I especially loved when they'd laugh at the same times everyone else in the theater did, then whisper, "What's so funny?" to me afterwards.

  • I psyched myself up to get our photos taken in Kansas City's only old-timey photo booth. Nick and I practiced our four poses in the mirror that morning, got real live cash from the ATM and then headed to find it. And some nice person had already been there and puked in it. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled and to this day have never ever even once had my picture taken in a photo booth. (By the way, we happened to drive by it again the other day, and it has been removed. So unless some other photo booth magically shows up somewhere in the city, I'm doomed to a life void of photo booth photos.)

  • Over our five-day weekend, we ate really well. I didn't take photos because you'd all be really jealous. Plus, I didn't need the reminders of how bad I was. Not only did we eat a ton at Nick's parents' house (see bullet number 1), but I also ate out with Nick's mom, sisters and my little nieces one day, inhaled delish curry chicken one day, and tried Thai coconut chicken soup with rice noodles another day. Nick and I also stumbled upon the most adorable little bakery not too far from our new loft and ate them out of free samples (at their insistence, mind you). We then bought the tastiest cheese bread I've ever tried and we're still attempting to finish it.

So anyway, that's the recap of how the extended weekend went. Please don't be too jealous because hey, you at least get tomorrow off, right? (And for those of you who live outside of the U.S., you may commence being jealous.)


Anonymous katie said...

Hey up here in Canada we had Monday off!
Nick has 11 brothers & sisters, that is one BIG family. How many siblings do you have?

Blogger Angela said...

I have a much more manageable ONE sibling, a brother who is two years older than me. It's so much easier to remember birthdays and anniversaries on my side of the fam.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Alright.. the jealousy has landed. ;)

I love dorky photo booth pictures.. which usually leave me WHINGING.

And I swear, all of Blogland saw this Ratatouille movie this weekend. Seriously! Am feeling left out, you meanies.

Blogger Carrisa said...

11 siblings!!! Holy Joe!

Blogger Lara said...

i'd just like to say that i did not see ratatouille, so aly shouldn't feel jealous.

also, i gave you an award! come by my place to read about it. :)

Blogger heidikins said...

What a fantastic weekend!! Love the pics, and for the record: I havent' seen Ratatouille yet. ;)


Those walking vests, so stylish! I've always said that I'd rather be hit by a car than wear one of those vests!

Blogger Isabel said...

I know of a photo booth up in Canada. So maybe it is us that should be jealous.

Blogger L Sass said...

11 sibs is definitely a lot... but to me, that sounds like an exciting date-management challenge!

I am a date dork.

Blogger Aimee said...

Your pics are just too cute! Glad you guys had a great vacation. :)

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