Soccer Wife
I was wondering the other day if my parents would be so kind as to loan us Yvonne once again. However, this time around I'm thinking it should be for an extended period of time.

You see, I've become a pretty hardcore Soccer Wife lately and probably ought to have a mini van to better play the part. I'm no Soccer Mom because we are sans kids, but that's a good thing because it's hard enough to keep up with this sporty husband of mine. (I should point out that while Nick has played in a soccer league before, he is not currently involved in soccer at the moment. I just like the title.)

Almost every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, Nick plays basketball at our church for a few hours with a group of other church guys. Then on Thursday nights, it's kickball night. Sundays he plays in a flag football league. That's four out of seven days a week that there is some sort of sports-related event going on in our lives.

And that's not even counting the precious few times he gets to go golfing or those few weekends a while ago where he was playing dodgeball.

Just to show more evidence of how crazy he is, also this year Nick tried out for a volleyball team and a ping-pong team (I wish I was kidding) through work, and lucky for me he didn't make the cut. In the past he's played on a soccer team, a baseball team, and a volleyball team and even got the wild idea to try out for a semi-pro football team. Just this past weekend, Nick also participated in a rousing game of whiffle ball at a friend's birthday party, and we both went bowling with some other friends the following day. (I'm excited to tell you that Nick left that bowling game the proud winner of a four-foot tall 1980 "Greek Women's Homecoming Float Winner" trophy that we now have to find a place for.) Not all of these sporting activities occur at the same time, mind you, but still, it's a lot of sports to fit into one man.

Oh, and did I mention that he's also currently training for a marathon this October? Because he is.

Now of course I don't go to all of these events because that would make me equally crazy (plus I am WAY too busy with important activities such as blogging, watching TV and napping), but I usually drag out my lawn chair to the kickball games on Thursday nights. Mostly this is because there are lots of other spectators that I enjoy chatting with, and the team consists of my co-workers and others who have been playing together for about four years now. So anyway, I've been thinking that it sure would be nice to store my lawn chair and Nick's four-foot trophy in a nice spacious mini van. Maybe I could fit a cooler of Gatorade and water bottles for Nick and all of his friends in the back of the van, along with a bag of snack-packs for a little post-game fuel. What do you think?


Blogger Lindsey said...

You are too funny. I think it's a brilliant idea. If you are going to be the soccer wife, you need to "dress" the part.

Blogger janet said...

We should start a club! My husband plays: ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball, hockey, poker (sort of a sport? played weekly with other dudes?), and football. I am basically a sports widow.

Anonymous Vaguely Urban said...

Can you believe that there is no kickball league anywhere in LA? At least none I can find. I would totally join, even though I'm short and slow.

Blogger Angela said...

Hey, try this league. This is the one Nick plays in.

Blogger L Sass said...

Fortunately, AS only knows how to play paintball and ultimate frisbee and has no time for either!

It's him who constantly has to chase me / adjust his schedule for my race training!

Blogger Aimee said...

I think snacks and gatorade are a great idea! I used to take Mark cookies to his bowling league (before we were dating even!) hehe.

He also plays sports - so I got in on the action. He's a softball guy with basketball on the weekend and bar sports (darts) and bowling. I joined the bowling league - and I go and watch softball. They suck pretty bad, so I'm usually their only fan. But I yell my heart out! lol

(I also have a very rigorous reality TV, nail painting, and sleeping schedule)

Blogger Isabel said...

Dude, that is a lot of sports. Ken just builds the house. Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe if he played sports he'd at least be in better shape.

(and maybe you do need a mini van. That would be awesome.)

Blogger Ginger said...

Busy husband! What marathon is Nick training for? I'm thinking of trying one myself but don't know where to start...

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