Sweet, sweet redemption
Last night we went out to dinner with some friends at a tasty Japanese restaurant. After stuffing ourselves to an inappropriate amount, we decided we'd go to the movies and see what was playing. We didn't have a particular movie or movie time in mind, so we just thought we'd wing it.

There were three guys and two girls total, and all three guys were pretty excited about seeing 1408. The other girl seemed fine with it too, so I sucked it up and agreed, even though I'm completely terrified of scary movies. To make matters worse, we were there 13 minutes past the start time. In case you don't know this, one of my biggest pet peeves is to be late to a movie. I adore not only the previews, but also the commercials and movie facts in the beginning. By now, Nick has already accepted the fact that if we are going to see a movie, we should plan to be around 30 minutes early.

We walked into the crowded theater after the movie facts, commercials, previews AND the movie itself had started. We were off to a bad start already.

And then the only place all five of us could find to sit was in the second row. As in, five feet from the screen. It's pretty bad when you are so close that you have to physically turn your head to see what's happening on the right side of the screen. And don't even get me started on how jumpy I was when a curtain would blow near the end of the screen, so far away that I could just catch it out of the corner of my eye and think some killer was about to jump out. I don't know how many times I just closed my eyes and said to myself, "It's only a movie, it's only a movie, it's only a movie."

I was pretty terrified and clutched Nick's hand so hard throughout the whole movie that he had no feeling in it when it was over. When the movie ended, he wiped the sweat off of it and tried to get the blood flow back. I didn't care though -- I was just glad that I survived it and it was over.

On the way home, I told Nick how I was so sure I was going to have nightmares that night. And to be quite honest, I had one of the best nights of sleep ever. A nice, long, uninterrupted 11 hours. You can't beat that.

But guess who did have nightmares? That would be Nick. I think it serves him right for not wanting to see Evan Almighty. And for agreeing to see a movie 13 minutes late.


Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

Oooh...was it scary? I read a review that said it was freaky as all get out. I think MB and I are going to go see it, but I'll definitely be the one too jumpy to sleep!

Blogger thethinker said...

I hate sitting in the first few rows at a movie theater. If I can't sit in a seat that is high up (and only in the middle of the row), I won't be happy.

Blogger Aimee said...

hahahaha. Poor Nick. (and you!) You are way braver than I am. There is no way I would have gone.

Blogger Lisa said...

Wow. THat sounds like an intense movie. Sounds like you need a medal just for getting through that one.

I'm with you. I'd rather see Evan Almighty too. :-)

Blogger L Sass said...

I can not handle scary movies OR going to the movies late! You're a good sport; I would have been MUCH whinier!!

Anonymous Katie said...

Wow 13 minutes late and the movie had already started? Whenever I go to a movie there is normally 25-30 minutes of commercials and previews!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would never had agreed to go-- several cardinal rules of movie going were broken. Unacceptable. I'm glad you survived and got some sleep...it's karma, chica.

Blogger Lindsey said...

I'm with you on the being late part. Hate it! I love the previews. I'm not a real huge fan of scary movies, but I'll watch one every so often.

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