When I was in high school, I used to babysit for the principal's little daughters. Yes, I was a goody two-shoes (and still am), so go ahead and tease me!

He and his wife were terribly nice people, but it was still a little awkward to hang out with your principal, you know? Sometimes he would have me come over to babysit so that he could do projects around the house, like mow his yard and such. And there I'd be, playing inside with the girls, when my principal would come in for a glass of water or something and chit chat. At the time it just seemed so odd to me.

The principal's wife was a coach of something, like the volleyball team or the girls' basketball team. I really can't remember. There was a time after school when I was watching the girls until their practice was over.

After playing a while, we decided we'd watch a movie so I let the girls pick. The littlest one, being right in the middle of getting potty trained, REALLY wanted to watch her movie about using the potty. I didn't want to discourage her or anything, so I naturally obliged. But seriously, out of all the movies they owned, she had to pick the weirdest and most annoying of them all. If I remember right, it wasn't even a cartoon -- I think it was performed by real children.

So the three of us were sitting in the living room, watching a movie and singing about a toilet, when their mom, along with the entire team, came over after practice so that they could review play tapes or something. Talk about embarrassing. I was singing about a TOILET in front of my peers.

It's been so long ago that I completely forgot about this little incident. Until I watched this video sent over by a friend:


Blogger janet said...

oh hilarious....although I'm sure it wasn't as funny at the time :)

Blogger Lara said...

dood, i can top that without even trying. my dad worked at my high school, so a lot of my teachers knew my family since before i was even born, and most of them babysat me at one time or another. on the first day of my AP Probability and Statistics class, my teacher was doing a demo about the probability that two people in the class would have the same birthday. then we went around saying our birthdays until, yep, two people had the same - me and another student. so he asks, "when's your birthday again?" and when i tell him, he says - in front of the ENTIRE class - "oh, that's right, i remember when you were born. you were so cute as a little kid - you used to come to your sister's gymnastics class, which my son was in at the time, and roam around the side in your little diapers. we all thought you were just adorable!"

yes, in front of all my friends, my math teacher talked about me in my diapers. utter humiliation.

gack - i have TONS of these stories...

Anonymous katie said...

Oh the things parents have to go through.... I am glad I am not at that stage yet!

Blogger Carrisa said...

That video is wrong on so many levels.

Thanks for sharing it though.

Blogger Ginger said...

I was probably one of the volleyball players walking in on this humorous incident, and yet I sadly have no memory of it. So it might be safe to say that the rest of the players don't either. You might be officially out of the woods on this one!

Just to make you feel old, Megan must be almost in junior high now.

Blogger heidikins said...

Haha! That is classic! Hilarious!


Blogger Isabel said...

So of course Youtube is blocked here at work, so I can't see it.

But hello...I kept waiting for you to say he tried to kiss you. SO GLAD that didn't happen.

(except, maybe that is what the clip showed!)

Blogger Lindsey said...

LMAO wow, I would have died right there on the spot. It's funny how now if we were doing that, it wouldn't be embarrasing at all...at least I don't think it would be.

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