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The lovely Isabel and HollowSquirrel author a blog where they write about all of the new things that they try. I thought I'd play along and tell you about the new thing I experienced this weekend.

On Sunday morning, Nick and I woke up and tried to think of something to do with ourselves. We certainly didn't want to clean the house or do laundry. We'd already been shopping the day before, we'd already hung out with friends the previous night and we had plans to go out to pizza and bowling later that evening with Nick's brothers and sisters.

As we were showering and getting ready for the Great Unknown, I asked Nick for some suggestions of what we could do all day. The first thing he blurted out, rather slyly I might add, was that we could go golfing. He loves to golf and goes as frequently as he can, while the highlight of my golfing resume is hitting a ball into a rocket ship. However, I personally feel that this is MUCH more challenging than hitting it on a wide open course. On a golf course, where are the windmills? Where are the the alligators ready to chomp down on your precious ball? Where are the distractions? They're not there, I'll tell you that.

Anyway, after he suggested golfing, I jumped at the chance. I was so excited to go, which shocked and amused him. He thought I was interested in being educated in his beloved sport, while really all I wanted to do was drive the golf cart. I've never been able to go golfing with him before because he always goes with a group of his brothers or guy friends, and it's not exactly cool to bring along your wife to these sorts of things. In addition, they usually like to walk the course, and it's certainly NOT acceptable to bring your wife so she can drive an empty cart alongside you, every once in a while butting in on your conversations about sports and red meat.

On our way to the course, I peppered Nick with questions. I wanted to know how fast the carts could go (sadly, not very), whether I would have a cupholder or not (I did), what the paths were made out of (concrete and gravel), if I could have driving gloves (no) and how many times we could go around the course (once, possibly twice).

Let me tell you, it was quite exciting, as I'm sure you can see in the slideshow below. We almost went fast enough for me to feel the wind in my hair, and that's like possibly even ten miles an hour. I fearlessly drove Nick from hole to hole, dutifully keeping track of his score and supplying golf claps where necessary. I had a cupholder full of Diet Coke with Lime and a heart as light as a feather.

Oh yeah, and I even played one hole and got a seven, which I think is probably bad since Nick got a three. However, I think it's important to recognize that my particular skillset is in driving and scorekeeping, both of which I did flawlessly.


Anonymous Kathleen said...

That is hilarious ! i love golf only because of the carts. Except i never got a cupholder :( Those pictures are cute as a button, thanks for sharing !

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Ha! That is so cool - I always thought golf was such a boring sport until now - I forgot there were golf buggies involved. Damn!

But I'm with you. Mini golfing for me, please. I like the windmills too. (And it always makes me think of Happy Gilmore, oh how I love that movie.)

I hope Nick makes you an award for being his golfing wife/chaeuffer for the day!

Blogger L Sass said...

That is some FINE driving, my friend. I think you've hit on the best part of golf already (besides the 19th hole beer, maybe!)

A seven is not bad! I went real golfing once with my 2 brothers (who golf all the time) and my mom (who used to golf a bit). I had quite a few times where I did a full swing and totall missed the ball. When I did connect with the ball, I didn't have enough power to go more than 10 feet, so i had to adopt a Happy Gilmore running start style. The whole day, all I wanted to do was use the wedgy-club, and my brothers kept saying No, no, you can't use that club on this shot. Finally I hit it in a sand trap and got to use the wedge. It was glorious.

Dude, Joel's car (truck) doesn't even have cupholders. Where can I trade in his pickup for a golf cart?

Blogger heidikins said...

Adorable pics! And I think it is completely appropriate to be more excited about the cute little car with cup-holder than about the actual game. :)


Blogger Isabel said...

Hooray for trying something new.

And when you said you were discussing the plans for the day while showering...did you mean you were in the shower TOGETHER? Have you seen Nick naked??? Ewww...gross.

(I kid.)

Blogger Trish Ryan said...

It's all about recognizing what you do well. Next time someone asks if you're good at golf, you can say, "Yes" with no hesitation. Scorekeeping and driving are very important facets of the game!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your first sentence and I now REFUSE to read the rest. When you HAVE THESE IDEAS, you need to EMAIL ME and GUEST BLOG AT OUR SITE. OH MY GOD AM I YELLING AT YOU!!!!!!

Ok, I'll come back tomorrow (while I'm at work) and read the rest.

HUGS, Bitter Me

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