Easter recap
Since the weekend is so fresh on my mind and since I haven't done much else of any interest, I should probably do a not-so-quick Easter recap. Bear with me.

On Friday night, we hung out with Nick's side of the family, which means that even when it's calm, it's crazy to most people. Gluttons for punishment that we are, we also went back there Saturday afternoon and evening and had a wonderful time. I mean, how could you not enjoy yourself when you are all sitting around the table showing off stupid human tricks? There were monkey faces, eye crossing and ear wiggling, and sadly, that was just out of Nick. There was a shoulder dislocation, blowing spit bubbles off of one's tongue, double-jointed fingers, tongue rolling, and then me proudly displaying my hitchhiker's thumbs. I’m glad that I at least have one thing that allows me to fit so neatly into this family.

Sunday morning was filled up by church, also with Nick's family. By this point, we got all of the stupid human tricks out of our system and were on much better behavior.

And then we went to my side of the family's Easter celebration after that. There was so much food that I had to pace myself, and then got teased for not eating enough. I just can't win.

There was a gift-exchanging bonanza, followed by the Easter egg hunt to end all Easter egg hunts. This hunt takes place every year at my brother and sister-in-law's house, and I swear, it gets bigger and bigger each year we do it. There were some 200 eggs hidden throughout the house. Most were filled with candy, some were filled with slips of paper, good for gift cards or giant bags of candy, and some were filled with money. It's hilarious to see all of these adults running through the house with their baskets, just like a bunch of little kids. It also can get quite dangerous, as witnessed when we had all extracted the goodies from our eggs and realized that three whole slips of paper that were worth prizes were still missing. There might have been a bit of pushing and tackling, but no injuries so don't worry.

Nick and I CLEANED. UP. with $1.75, a $5 gift card to Starbucks, and more candy than we should be eating in an entire year. (It will probably be gone within the month.)

One of my favorite parts was being able to put my adorable little niece down for her nap. I sometimes worry that I don't see her enough, and I think that she'll be afraid of me or won't want to come to me when I stick my hands out for her. It would be heart-breaking (although I should get prepared for that phase, because I'm sure it's coming). I relished in being able to steal her away from the craziness happening in the living room and hold her close while I bounced her to sleep. No crying. No tears. I don't know how long she'll be so comfortable with me, but for now, I still got it.

My brother and I took her upstairs and put her in her crib. We shut the blinds and tucked her in and turned on her music. Mere minutes later when we were down in the kitchen, we heard her up and about on her baby monitor. My brother had to go up and put her back to sleep because apparently, she was standing up, hanging on to the bars of her crib, dancing and bouncing to her music.

Yep, I still got it.

So how were your Easter weekends?


Blogger heidikins said...

Ah, Easter egg hunts. They just keep getting better and better!!

I love the description of your niece - I feel that way about one of my nephews; he is the sweetest little man right now (age 3.5) and I am dreading the day when he won't come running up to me for a hug. I think if I keep bringing him candy I should be able to brainwash him into thinking I'm his favorite aunt, no?

Blogger Lara said...

sounds like a good time was had by all, especially the niece, standing up dancing in her crib. :)

my weekend was lazy, which was MUCH needed.

Anonymous LaLa said...

Ah, your weekend sound great!

Mine was quite relaxing in the end, MUCH needed too!

Anonymous Colleen said...

Happy Belated Easter! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family!

Mine was rather quiet this year as more than half of my family skipped town and headed to Florida. We still made out with more candy than we should ever have though!

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