Dusting off the social calendar
There have been so many nights lately that I've spent at the office, designing my little fingers to nubs. And if I haven't been at the office, I've been at home recovering. This basically means I've been superglued to the couch, hardly willing to stick my arm out from underneath the blanket to grab the remote. Instead, I choose to just watch the commercials already, like I used to do back in the pre-TiVo Stone Ages.

Tonight is different though. I plan to turn in my keyboard and mouse for the opportunity to go out to dinner with an old high school friend who is back in town. I can't even remember the last time we've hung out, so I'm definitely looking forward to our visit.

This is just the start of my fun-filled social schedule though.

Nick's brother and his wife are also venturing to Kansas City from NYC, and as far as I know, they will have the pleasure of staying with us this weekend in our guest room. Most people are never so lucky to get to experience a little slice of our ever-so-exciting lifestyle, so I just hope they don't get too overwhelmed with the TV-watching, the eating, the napping and the robot-making and want to leave.

Of course there are also the typical Easter festivities crammed into the weekend there somewhere. There should be plenty of family to visit, plenty of candy to eat and plenty of infants to hog.

For my social grand finale, several old college friends are coming over to hang out and eat Chinese takeout and catch up Monday night. Believe me, there is a ton of catching up that needs to be done, as we don't get together very frequently. Plus one college comrade is back for a quick visit from her job in Moldova with the Peace Corps, and there's a whole world of differences I can't wait to hear about.

It's so nice to get to see all of these people that I never get to see, all packed into one extended, lively weekend. I just hope that I can find enough energy to keep up with myself, because as shocking as this may be for you to hear, this much activity is not typical for me.


Blogger Lara said...

wow, sounds fun! live it up, girl. :)

Anonymous LaLa said...

Happy Easter!

Sounds like a great weekend, almost as busy as mine :P

Hope you get lots and lots of choccy!

Blogger littlemissy555 said...

That all sounds lovely! Hope you have a great time and a Happy Easter! Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way...;0p

Blogger L Sass said...

Hooray! Make sure you get to relax a little and enjoy the holiday. :)

Blogger Isabel said...

Holy crap...you are popular.

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