Are you guys tired of robots yet? Because I'm not. Aren't these fabulous?

I don't think I can afford one, but there does appear to be a poster for sale that is more in my price range and would make my office look so extra spiffy.

Via [BB-Blog].


Blogger L Sass said...

There is an amazing toy store in NYC that sells tin robots that look like these. AS loves robots--he made one out of a cardboard box as a kid--and I really want to buy a lot of toy robots and decorate my kitchen with them!

Blogger heidikins said...

Lookit!! Robots! Those are adorable, I've never seen anything like them available for purchase - although when I was a kid my next-door neighbor had a blow-torch and would make all sorts of funky garden ornaments that kind of resemble these. Cute Cute Cute!

Blogger Dawnie said...

Your office definitely needs the poster.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

The middle one is wearing that Threadless tee! ;)


Anonymous Nocturnal said...

Very cool, I love robots as well. Yes, the poster would be the only way here as well.

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