Sarcastic Wednesday
And why is it Sarcastic Wednesday? Because Hallmark said so. Go see for yourselves.

(Then when you are done with that, it probably wouldn't hurt to go here and brush up on your manners. I've found it quite helpful.)

So in the spirit of Sarcastic Wednesday, here goes nothing:

I was quite pleased to wake up several times last night with crazy dreams. Nothing makes me happier than to break up the monotony of endless unadulterated sleep than to wake up with a start at the thought of being shot at by lunatics. I mean, who wants to spend an entire night fast asleep when you can be filling your head with to-do lists and deadlines and projects? Not me, that's for sure.

Feeling quite groggy this morning, I was ready to just head on in to the office as early as possible. I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment when instead, Nick decides we need to make a quick detour to Starbucks because he doesn't think he can function another day of sitting through training without being overly caffeinated. Ugh, Starbucks AGAIN? But I went, however unwillingly, and found a way to choke down a chai tea.

I enjoyed the fact that there is road construction on my way to work. I love that the road I always take has been shut down for a few weeks and I get to follow a detour. There's new scenery and plenty of extra time to look around and take it all in. I believe this road construction will take a few more months to complete, so I have a lot to look forward to. This particular route was shut down a long time ago going north and I endured a few months of detours, and now, to my delight, it is shut down going south. Hooray!

Work will be excellent today, and as always, I'm definitely looking forward to it.

And then Nick and I have some super-fun plans for this evening. You are probably really jealous that we get to do TAXES! I love taxes. I also hope that instead of getting a big fat refund check, that maybe we will be given the opportunity to contribute even more money to the government. Perhaps they can then use our extra money on the lovely road construction that I'm so fond of.


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