More evidence I'm stale
I know I've written before about how I'm becoming an old woman before my time. I think I had several very convincing examples.

However, I don't want you to have an ounce of doubt that I might be exaggerating, so here's another one for the record books.

Tonight the hubby is away playing basketball with friends. Where does that leave me? Home on the couch in my pajamas with leftover Chipotle and this book. Special thanks to Nick's mom for providing this excellent source of unbridled entertainment. Nick thanks you as well because now he has the opportunity to call me a Sudorku pretty much everyday. He is quite clever, as you can all see.

I'm not sure if it's possible, but it does get worse. I scavenged the entire house for a pencil, only to find one unsharpened Ticonderoga. And of course we have no pencil sharpener, because it's not a worthwhile investment to have a pencil sharpener when your household contains one lone pencil. Don't you worry though. Desperate times call for desperate actions. I got creative and whittled my pencil tip using an Exacto knife, of which we curiously have a plethora.

Now since I'm laying my nerdy dirt out there, I may as well tell it all, right?

Not only does this book contain exhilirating Sudoku puzzles, but you won't believe how thilled I was to open the front cover and find yet another contest that I can enter. That's right. Two of my favorite things, all contained inside one compact, glorious book.

You may laugh now, but we'll just see who's laughing when my mad Sudokuing skillz score me $1,000. Which of course I will spend on pencils, a sharpener and more Sudoku books.


Blogger Isabel said...

Dude, you could get a lot of pencils for 1K.

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