I really enjoy making fun of bad commercials. I do it at home all the time, and I probably annoy Nick to no end. I'm sorry, pepole who do locally-produced commercials, I shouldn't be so mean, but sometimes I can't help myself when some of your spots are just really awful. It's not you, it's your work. Promise.

I wish I lived in Chicago so that I could have seen these on a regular basis.

First off, we have Moo & Oink, a dancing cow and pig who like to sing about meat. But seriously, who doesn't like singing about meat?

The next frightening commercial is of Eagle Man, a giant creepy eagle who lands on top of the car of two unsuspecting women with large hair and craps out some car insurance for them. It's a good premise, but it must have gotten lost in the execution.

If you missed them, more bad commercials here and here.


Blogger heidikins said...

Oh Wow. W.O.W. I am suddenly compelled to buy-out my local deli and scream the benefits of car insurance from the rooftops...seriously...my life-work is changing! ;)

Blogger L Sass said...

When I was in college in Tacoma, Washington, there were amazing, locally-produced commercials for an insurance agency. The owner of the agency must have thought he was mega clever for doing ads that are parodies of just-slightly-outdated pop cultural icons.

Oh yeah, and the owner starred in every ad.

Here they are: http://www.vernfonk.com/

Blogger Angela said...

OMG, I just checked that out and they are horrendous. Shudder.

Blogger Frema said...

OMG, I love Moo and Oink commercials.

Also, my drama club in high school parodied an Eagle Man commercial to spread the word about club try-outs.

Clearly, Chicago advertising is all about class.

Blogger Eau'Flynn said...

hee hee! Those were awesome! My favourite is the HeadOn commercial I found through your link! haven't seen that up here in Canada...that's awesome! Is it for headaches?!

I think they work, you definately remember the name of the company (for better or worse)!

Blogger Eau'Flynn said...

ok here's something for your collection
it's a long infommercial, but definitely worth the wait..the product makes it debut around 30s in



Blogger Dirka said...

I REALLY wish I could watch videos at work!

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