Don't hail this one.
On the drive home, I passed a cab from a company called Terminal Cab. I think that's about the worst name you can give a cab, except for maybe Crusty Seats Taxi Service or Sit 'n Smell Transport. Terminal Cab sounds just sounds so... disease-ridden.


Anonymous alyndabear said...

I'm a fan of the Creepy-Staring-Drivers-In-Rearview-Mirrors cab company myself.

(And also the blog header. Love it!)

Anonymous Aimee said...

Oh my! That's terrible. Like, "this is your last cab ride. EVER!"


We had a cab once that was The King's Cab and OMG we LOVED it. "hey! Let's call the King! He'll come get us" It was quite funny - but then, we were drunk. So there ya go. ha!

Anonymous mk said...

Oh that is a horrible name! Why would anyone do that...lol..

Anonymous Nocturnal said...

Unless there's an airport nearby.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still a bad name. Love the new header. New Header Cab. That's not half bad.

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