We went out to eat Saturday night with Nick's brother and sister. While we were pleasantly waiting on our order, enjoying each other's company, this THING came up and first accosted me. And did anyone in my party defend me? No, they laughed and had a grand old time. Then it went on to proposition my sister-in-law, which was much funnier, I thought.

And then for its grand finale, by which time I was ready with my camera, it put my poor brother-in-law in a headlock and embraced him for quite some time. Poor guy.

I guess Nick must have smelled bad or something, because he was the only one who got out of there without a hug. Except for after we left when I went home and put on my bird costume and hugged the crap out of him.


Blogger Vaguely Urban said...

what the hell is that bird thing? So scary!

Blogger Chris said...

Maybe that's part of the service...you know, come in, have a burger, get felt up but a giant bird? ;-)

Blogger Angela said...

That bird thing is supposed to be a robin, but I'm not sold.

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