Playing favorites
I had a late Christmas gift straggle in last week (thanks, Nick's parents!) and I've been LOVING it. I heart this mug:

Get it here.

Although I love me some caffeine in just about any form, you are probably shocked to hear that I am not a big fan of coffee. I can make myself a latte at our upstairs ginormous espresso bar at work, but I only put half a shot of espresso in my drink and then I add a random spattering of just about every flavor of syrup that we have in stock. The problem is that it's hard to feel very chic and cool when you are making a latte suicide of sorts.

Because of that, it's very rare that I go upstairs to make my appearance at the espresso bar. Instead, I prefer to nonchalantly make myself a mug of hot chocolate or hot tea in our floor's galley. No one has to know. No one gets hurt. I walk around with this bad boy in my hands, and everyone is so busy admiring how cool it is that they don't notice that I haven't yet graduated to adult taste buds.

So let's hear it. Do you have a favorite mug, or are you say, a little more promiscuous when it comes to drinking hot liquids? I'm considering taking my mug home with me on the weekends so that we don't have to be apart.


Blogger Nick said...

I am a big fan of the mug I have at my office. It is nothing special but when you have something for a long time, it is hard to get rid of.
I currently have a problem with my offices coffee as I like a dark roast so I also indulge in the chocolaty goodness that is hot chocolate.

Blogger Carrisa said...

I have a wonderful Starbucks mug with a screw on cap that I use every single day at work. It's black with the starbucks silver mermaid on it. And I'm all about the coffee in any shape or form. At home I just use regular coffee mugs, but they are always cute ones, never plain ones.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also drink hot chocolate at work. I am not a fan of the black coffee that is free in the office so I bring in my own box of Swissmiss hot chocolate. I borrow a mug from the office that says "Real Women Delegate!"


Blogger Angela said...

Sweet! Real women delegate, huh? I have trouble delegating -- that's definitely one of my pitfalls. I want to take charge of a project from beginning to end so that I know it's done right.

Good thing I'm not drinking from THAT mug, or I'd be a real faker.

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