Poseur bag
I'm going to go right out there and admit that I am a poseur. You see, I have this really awesome briefcase bag made out of old billboards. Not only is it appropriate because I work in advertising, but I just like the very graphic lines and designs that develop when cropping small sections of the billboards to make the bags. I've admired this line of totes for a really long time in my favorite store in Kansas City, and Nick bought me one last year for my birthday. Which I love, love, LOVE.

So why am I a poseur, then?

My secret is that I don't bring any work home from the office. None. Zippo. I don't have a laptop that I need to transport back and forth, and as a creative I don't do paperwork or anything of the sort. Occasionally I might whip out a notebook or sketchbook at home to doodle some ideas. But for the most part, nothing makes the trip back and forth with me between home and the office. Except for my sort of empty bag. And every once in a while a printout of my latest project for show and tell with Nick, who probably couldn't care less. Like a good husband though, he humors me and pretends to look interested/impressed.

In the mornings I put my lunch in my cool tote. I pack up my 100 calorie pack and my granola bar and my Lean Cuisine and head out the door. But on the way home, my bag is empty. I'm literally carrying around an empty briefcase with me because it looks cool. How sad is that? It's really just an oversized lunch bag, and no one knows it, except for the entire Internet, of course. So please don't tell my secret, okay? As far as everyone around my building is concerned, I'm a very busy woman with lots of official papers.


Anonymous carrisa said...

Love the bag! And hey... who says you can't use a $70 lunch bag?

Anonymous Colleen said...

Your secret is safe with me! That bag is too cool for work stuff anyways!

Blogger Isabel said...

I do the same thing. Your secret is safe with me, if mine is safe with you. Deal?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heart that bag. Did you design your blog? Will you do mine? Pretty please?

Blogger Angela said...

Yes, I did design the blog, but I totally SUCK at coding and had someone else do that part. I'm definitely learning as I go along.

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