I hate Mondays.


Anonymous Carrisa said...

I'm awfully jealous of your awesome design skills. Do you use Quark or Illustrator? Or some other program I don't know about? I'm married to a graphic designer and so now I'm turning into a wannabe designer.

Blogger Angela said...

Hey Carrisa, I use the Adobe suite, so Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. And sometimes all three just for one design! Perhaps your husband will start some lessons for 'ya. Then you could have awesome design skills too and join the cool club.

Anonymous Colleen said...

What do you mean you hate Mondays? I love Mondays! Ok - no I don't.

Cute monster :)

Blogger Carrisa said...

I've not heard of InDesign. I will have to ask him about it. Thanks Angela.

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