Guest Post #5: Excuses, excuses
As you might have noticed (or probably not), I have not posted in a long while. You also might have noticed that Angie posted about how I have been blaming it completely on school, and I am here to address those allegations. She is entirely right. I have been swamped with paperwork. No joke, the picture says it all.

I had to read the Wall Street Journal (we cool people call it the WSJ) everyday for eight weeks for a class. To say the least, it weighed me down. I also had another foreign language class called Labor Economics. It might as well have been in a foreign language as I did not understand a single word published in the book until about the fifth week. Not a good start.

I finished strong and I am livin’ easy until about mid-January when I have to go through this pain and torture once again.

You know, I would have been finished a couple of years ago like the rest of my peers but I was lucky enough to start a job after my junior year of college. I guess I will finish soon enough but it seems like I have been at it for six years. Oh wait, I have.

Hopefully you'll be hearing from me more regularly from now on, until I can come up with some other good excuses as to why my posts are late or nonexistent.


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Looking forward to more posts!

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