I like making lists as much as, if not more than, the next person. It's soothing to mark stuff off. I've even been known to make them really detailed, just so there are more things to mark off. At work I keep a little electronic Stickie open on my desktop at all times. As soon as a new project is opened and I'm assigned to it, I type it onto my to-do list, with a due date and any other important info. on it. If it's a really hot project, I make it red. If I don't need to worry about it for a while, I make it blue. And when the job is complete, it's such a nice feeling to delete it and make it disappear forever.

Ahh, the joys of a completed list. It doesn't get much better than that.

Unless it is reading other people's lists. There's something extra-personal about reading someone else's list, probably because it was made by them for their eyes only. Sort of like the premise of a diary I guess. You definitely don't ever make a list expecting to broadcast it all over the Internet for everyone to see.

I love how lists don't really tell the whole story, so you can kind of fill in the blanks of the list-maker's daily life with your own creativity and imagination. For example, from the handwriting on this list and a few other clues as well, I'm assuming it was made by a man. Did he really need to tell himself to wake up on Tuesday? Is he really not going to accomplish that task unless he included it on his list? Also, why does this person need to take pictures of a cat in his yard? And photos of the shop? With welding helmets? Either he's selling the shop and everything in it and has some sort of cat calendar project on the side, or else he is getting ready to mail out his Christmas letter and he's really proud of his shop and cat.

And does a welding guy really seem like the type to bike to yoga at the YMCA after work? This man is definitely defying the stereotypes. He sounds like some sort of metrosexual health-conscious feline-lover who welds in his spare time and/or for his profession.

And who is Lil? Does she have something to do with why he's buying a ticket to Oregon? Is she aware that this man not only has to tell himself to get up in the mornings, but also to punch out at work AND to go to sleep at night? I hope she knows what she's getting into.

You should definitely go to the To Do List Blog and read through some others the next time you are bored. There's some really good stuff on there. And it looks like a book of these will be published next fall. How exciting!

But wait! There's more. I've been a long-time reader of grocerylists.org and I love it! It's the same premise as the to-do list website, but these are all just grocery lists, hence the name of the site, grocerylists.org. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the more than 1,000 entries, a good place to start is at the top ten collections.

So there. It is now your civic duty to check the shopping carts and grocery store floors for discarded lists that you can send in. You never know, you may just find the next squirt gun-hot peppers-strawberries-bee trap-pie pans, the next sub folder-kitten faces-wands-MEE or um, this one. And how could you live with yourself if you knowingly passed that up?


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