A weekend well spent
There's nothing better than a four-day weekend. Unless, of course, it's a five-day weekend, but I wasn't lucky enough to swing that. Four will just have to do.

Thanksgiving breakfast with the family was great on Thursday. We stuffed ourselves silly and played with our little niece, trying to make her smile and laugh and make faces all morning and afternoon. It just doesn't get old, for us at least. She probably secretly thinks that we are dorks with no lives and is just trying to humor us. During the few minutes of peace and quiet that she received during her naps, Nick and I completely kicked butt in a little pick-up pool tournament in my parents' basement against my brother and sister-in-law. I should probably say that Nick kicked butt, because I'm pretty sure I only hit one ball in, and that was a total fluke. But I was a very supportive teammate, and that has to count for something. Later Thursday night, we brought my parents down to the Plaza Lighting Ceremony, which was basically just a bunch of lights and a huge crowd of people, but fun nonetheless.

While everyone else was out shopping with the masses on Black Friday, Nick and I enjoyed a much slower and relaxing day at the park with our blanket and books. Really, can you beat a view like this?

This view wasn't so bad either. A few more pics here.

The rest of the weekend was peppered with a little bit of everything... decorating for Christmas (stay tuned tomorrow for some photos of that), shopping, going out with friends, watching movies, and building some shelves. You know, the usual.

We topped it off last night by turning our television on mute and making up voices for everyone we watched. Our favorites were the Soap Opera Network and the Home Shopping Network, with both the Golf Channel and public television following close behind. Obviously, we are in dire need of TiVo so that we have real stuff to watch.


Blogger Ginger said...

Glad I wasn't the only one who stayed home and let the rest of the world further develop its mob-crazy mentality. It can just leave me behind -- that's fine with me.

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