Safe and sound
Kansas City got hit with a lovely ice storm starting around noon today. Nick's office let him leave at 2:30, so he drove to my neck of the woods to pick me up, and we left my office at around 3:00. It took us until 6:00 to get home, and for those of you who are bad with time, that means that it took us over three hours to make a trip that normally takes us about 30 minutes. Ugh.

There were a few slight hiccups that made our trip oh so adventurous. The first one was coming THIS CLOSE to having no gas while stuck in traffic. Even once we found a gas station, we had to wait forever in line. But we reasoned that the best place to run out of gas has to be in line at the gas station, so we took our chances.

About an hour later, Nick decides he conveniently has to go to the bathroom, so we made another stop. Once his tank was empty and the car's tank was full, we finally hit the road again, traveling no faster than 10 miles an hour. The whole. way. home.

One tell-tale sign that you've been on the road too long is when your husband starts to complain about bed sores from sitting so much. Enough said about that.

Anyway, you can all stop worrying now because we are home in warm pajamas after just finishing soup for dinner. Also on the agenda for the night: drinking hot chocolate and hot tubbing outside on the porch. As you can see, we are trying to completely overcompensate for how cold it is outside.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Sounds perfect! I'm still waiting for the cold to creep into these parts. This morning? 50 and muggy. Hardly the norm for DC in the winter.

Blogger Ginger said...

It was 75 here in Charleston today. Can't say that I miss the ice too much, but some snow might be nice. When you get tired of it, let me know, and you can come visit me!

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