Apply directly to the forehead
I'm sure by now you've seen this commercial on TV and have been annoyed just like the rest of us. When it first aired, people everywhere were talking about it and blogging about it. My gut reaction when I saw it for the first time was that I wished I could have been a fly on the wall throughout the entire production process. I couldn't help but feel bad for whatever advertising person had to make that spot. I'm left wondering if they were proud of their work when it was complete, or if they were merely forced into submission and now pretend like they have never seen the commercial before. I am also left wondering if they really think consumers are completely dumb.

Anyway, Head On's brilliant marketing team (which is probably just one extremely out-of-touch person) must have taken note of what people were saying about the spot, because now Head On is airing new spots, basically acknowledging that their commercials are crap. I actually think their responses to their first annoying commercial are even MORE annoying. Not humanly possible, you say? Oh yes, it is.

Here's the first one. And here's the second one, my personal favorite.

Where do they find these people?


Blogger alana said...

Ugh yes! I hate those damn Head On commercials. The first one was annyoning, but the second one seems downright creepy. Boo!

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