Barbaric pumpkin behavior
We finally came up with an idea for this year's pumpkin, even without any helpful suggestions from you guys. Don't worry though. No hard feelings.

 Let me introduce you to Gary.*

We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and adopted him. Right before we scrubbed him with bleach, cut his head open with an oversized knife and scooped out all of his guts with an ice cream scoop. I even caught Nick poking his eyes out with a knife handle. Ouch. I'm surprised they let people like us adopt poor innocent pumpkins. If you are a sicko and want to check out the cruel torture for yourselves, you can view the carnage in its entirety in the slideshow below. Or you can go here to view the photos with running commentary AND have the opportunity to ridicule us with your comments.

I'm sure you are shocked to learn that we are psychotic enough to even eat part of him. Before we put him outside, we also doused his wounds with lemon juice. (Some may say that this is to prevent rotting, but I think we all know that Nick and I are just ruthless.) And tonight our sick plans include setting him on fire as well. Don't cross us.

*Name has been changed to protect the innocent. Since our savage attack, "Gary" has entered the Pumpkin Protection Program. This should also explain the toupee and disguise, in case that (of all things!) struck you as odd.


Blogger Nick said...

I think the ears actually make me look better. Oddly enough, it was hard to hear with them on. Sort of an oxymoron if you ask me.

Anonymous Barbara Snyder said...

I was a little bummed by not having any little ones around who will be trick or treating so your barberic pumpkin and all related things made Halloween for me! Frankly, I think the ears look good on Nick!

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