Adventures in lunchland
I try to bring a Lean Cuisine to work everyday for lunch. I like them because they are usually pretty good, they are good for you, they are easy to pack in the mornings (anything more complicated than grabbing it and walking out the door is just way too much for me to handle), and it keeps me from being tempted to go out to lunch or even worse, downstairs to the overly-expensive and not exactly healthy deli.

With that said, my all-time very favorite one is Santa Fe-style beans and rice.

(I know. Stop rolling your eyes.)

I'm sure you can imagine my delight when Nick happened to grab my fave one for me this morning as we were heading out the door. However, in my expert opinion, the only way to properly enjoy this meal is with a bag of Baked Lays to dip. And sadly, I had no chips. I cleared my Buddha bank completely out a few months ago for a change drive at work, so I couldn't even get anything out of the vending machine. Stupid charities taking all my chip money...

Where did that leave me? Definitely not in a good place. I had to abandon my just-microwaved beans and rice and take my debit card downstairs in search of chips at the deli. Here's where it finally gets interesting (but don't get your hopes up... it's not THAT interesting).

I work on the ninth floor of my building and the deli is on the first. I'm the only person on the elevator heading downstairs, when all of a sudden the elevator decides it needs to make a stop on the third floor. Totally cool with me, I'll just take a step back so that the person on the third floor who wants on the elevator isn't greeted by me annoyingly standing right in front of the doors. And the doors hesitate to open. And I'm waiting and waiting. The doors don't open and the elevator is not moving and I can only imagine how cold my poor abandoned beans and rice are becoming back up on my desk. I panicked and started to wonder where the alarm bell was and how embarrassing it will be when the firemen have to come save me from the elevator. Embarrassing, yet um, after thinking about the firemen for a second or two, maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all...

You know, I've always thought that if I were going to be stuck on an elevator, I'd hope to be all by myself rather than with a bunch of strangers or even worse, only one stranger. How awkward would the small talk be while you wait to be rescued? But when I was actually stuck there all by myself, I was just wishing there were other people stranded with me. I'm never satisfied, am I?

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to panic very long or even push the alarm bell because it turns out the elevator was just messing with me. And I bought my little bag of chips and was on my way back upstairs in no time. It's a good thing too that one of the other five elevators offered to take me back up, or who knows what floor I'd be hanging out on right now with an empty chip wrapper, mourning the loss of my beans and rice.

By the way, in case you were worried, the beans and rice were still warm-ish and quite delicious. It went really well with the Diet Coke with Lime that happened to fall on the counter right as I was paying for my chips. Seriously, I think I deserved it though after having survived the trauma of being stuck in an elevator for one whole minute and not getting the chance to be rescued by glistening shirtless firemen.


Anonymous Sarah said...

Glistening shirtless fireman?? Does Nick read this blog:) And what do you need fireman for...you are married, save the hot fireman for your spinsiter librarain friends.

Blogger Angela said...

Sarah, you're definitely not a spinster librarian -- you're a HOT one. Next time I'm stuck in an elevator and shirtless firemen have to rescue me, I'll be sure to slip them your number. That way we both win!

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