Hospital hands
Nick works in sales in the medical technology field. He's part of a company volunteerism program, where employees volunteer at a hospital one night a week and experience the technology in use, therefore understanding the clients' needs better. Really, that's unimportant. I mean, it IS important, but it's unimportant to this particular post. All you need to know is that he spends Tuesday nights in the emergency room for a few hours (and not because he's a hypochondriac).

While I hate Tuesdays because I don't get to see him until late at night, I love them because he comes home with his hospital hands. Of course being in a hospital or any medical facility, you have to wash your hands constantly. I don't know what soap they use... probably some sort of antibacterial no-frills stuff... but I love the smell of it for some reason. I can pick up on it almost as soon as I see him (and no, I don't greet him by sniffing his fingers, a la Mary Katherine Gallagher).

Do you think it's too late for him to consider a career change? I know becoming an ER doctor takes like 8 years and all, but is that really too much to ask in exchange for perpetual hospital hands? I'm really on the fence on this one.


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