Guest Post #1: Allow me to introduce myself
Hello e-world, I am the husband and have been “allowed” by my kind and caring wife to introduce myself to you (she is going to check this before I post it, so I needed to make sure I plugged her in somewhere).

I am a cubicle kid who enjoys Comb-Over Fridays to lighten the usually less-than-exciting environment I call work. Check out my typical everyday, run-of-the-mill flo-hawk and me on Comb-Over Friday.

So you want to know what I do outside of working and fashionably styling my hair? Too bad if you don’t because here’s the part where I elaborate.

I suppose you could say I live for any chance to make a fool of myself. I am currently involved in a nearly-serious kickball league where most everyone gets into it like grade school recess (except for now we drink beer and have huge calves). I am also obsessed with all things related to sports (which includes football, baseball, basketball, hockey, bowling, darts, ping-pong, curling and everything else that’s ever been considered a sport.)

We (translation: I [this post will explain]) usually enjoy most nights in front of the sports-filled television with a cold one in one hand (water) and my other hand down… the bag of carrots. If you have not indulged in Angie’s previous posts, we are on a health kick.

I am one of a dozen children in my family and that is the straight-out the truth. You may notice that their faces have black bars over their eyes, and that is because they are too ugly to show. Actually, I just wasn’t sure how everyone felt about having their mugs plastered across the internet for all of Angie’s four readers to see. But guys? I think the bars are in your best interests as I have to be the best-looking one. I don’t see Angie married to any of you, you know. For those of you who were counting, I am aware that #4 is missing. That's because #4 and #4's family were living overseas at the time this photo was taken.

In my spare time, I also love to watch Dateline on Friday nights and think about maybe hanging out with friends (remember, we’re stale crackers). Life is good.


Blogger Isabel said...

Great post. And is that you in the hair pictures? Because you have great hair. And awesome teeth.

Get this, I have TWO friends that are from families of 12 kids. How is that possible? I mean, are there really that many people out there having 12 kids??? INTENSE!

Next week, let's hear more about what it was like being 1 of 12. (If you're looking for suggestions...)

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