What's Halloween without pumpkins?

So I was looking at this site to get some ideas for our pumpkin this year. First off, I'm humbled by this puking pumpkin. Way better than ours was last year. And here we were thinking we were being original.

This year we need to step it up because last year's performance was definitely lackluster. If we can't come up with any cool ideas on our own, we are flat out stealing becoming inspired by ideas from other people. I think this one is cute. I also think we could pull this one or this one off. This made me smile, and this made me laugh out loud. Seriously, we could never do that with little kiddies coming to our door! Props to this one for its great creativity.

In the realm of things we aren't the least bit talented enough to do, check this and this out. Both via Boing Boing.

Now I'm turning to you. What do you think we should carve?


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