Movie stars
Several years ago, Nick and I starred in a local commercial for an outdoor theater venue because an acquaintance was the art director shooting the spot. I use the term "starred" quite loosely, as we were among dozens of audience members, and if I remember right, the only part of us you could see was our pants.

This now-famous spot obviously launched our careers in stardom. I'm sure it was the reason behind our second appearance on the big screen, which was years ago at the Royals game on the Kiss Cam. I refuse to believe it was mere coincidence.

Since then, our acting careers have slowed down considerably. Until this past weekend, that is. Don't get me wrong, we're still not thrilled with the movie shoot going on outside our studio space, but we are now certified, 100% official movie stars. On Saturday, the crew wanted to get a few shots of us working in our space, so we said of course, no problem, we're ready for our closeups.

The first scene was of us tinkering around with some parts at our workbench. Sounds like an easy feat, but I found it incredibly awkward and weird. Nick was attaching legs to one of our latest creations, so he had real work to do. I was all set up to dissect some sort of employee clock-in device, but apparently my part was too shiny and gave off a glare to the camera. So then I was forced upon plan B, which was to freak out as soon as the clapboard closed, pick up the closest thing I could find and try to look as normal as possible holding a part that needed no work.

The movie people had also asked us to ad-lib during this. They wanted us to talk about how tired, hot and hungry we were. For Nick who could carry on a conversation with a brick wall, this was an absolute delight. For me, I felt uncomfortable and awkward the whole time, trying not to look at the camera, trying to look busy with this random part in my hand and having nothing to do with it, and trying to remember to participate in my fake conversation with Nick.

We did about two or three takes of this scene, and then they set up a second scene where we would be completing a robot together and putting it on the shelf with a price tag. I thought this would be the perfect time to redeem myself as a serious and professional actress. But then they asked us to ad-lib again by talking about our feelings of success, and all my fears of sounding weird and cheesy resurfaced. It certainly didn't help that towards the end of take 1, Nick actually did a fist pound with me. The only thing worse would have been some sort of air-high five.

We did a few takes of this, cutting out the fist pound in the remaining takes, and then it was all over. Our first movie appearance ended, and I felt like we blew it. But at least we can still keep our movie star titles, and if we don't get a huge blockbuster deal out of this thing, we've always got our day jobs to fall back on.


Blogger Katelin said...

that. is. awesome. you'll have to let us know what movie it is so we can look for you when it comes out.

Blogger Lisa said...

Hey Angela. just wanted to let you know I niminated you for Brilliant Blog Award! Love your blog!

Blogger rudecactus said...

I agree with Katelin. Let us know the movie so we can watch out for you!

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