Our First First Friday

Ahhhhhh. That's me breathing a sigh of relief now that our very first First Friday is under our belts. I don’t know how many people came to see our studio, but it seemed like hundreds, if not upwards of a thousand. We were there for at least five hours, within which there was never a quiet moment or an empty studio.

Here are a few photos I took of the studio before the craziness began. I only wish I would have had a free moment to take more pictures when it was bustling and full of visitors. It seems like a totally different place when it's not just us and our robots sitting and staring at each other.

The reactions we got from people who stopped by were amazing. We really didn't know what to expect since it was our robots' first debut, but everyone seemed so genuinely interested and excited to see them. We have a window in our studio wall that looks out to the hallway, and my favorite part of the night was sneaking glances out the window and seeing people's reactions before they even stepped foot into our space. It was invigorating, and the rush we experienced made the whole crappy and stressful week leading up to First Friday seem so worth it.

That night, I noticed several people snapping pictures. On the drive home, Nick and I were talking about how cool we thought it would be if we ever stumbled upon any of those pictures online. And so instead of "stumbling" per se, we out-and-out searched. Here we are, and another from that same person. Yay, Patrice J!

There might have also been a blog author, who shall remain nameless because in no way do I want to embarrass her, who wrote not-so-much about the merits of our awesome robots, but more about the merits of Nick and his tousled hair and good looks. The term "sex on a stick” was specifically mentioned. This amused me greatly, especially afterwards as he was bragging to his parents downstairs, who were suffering from fits of laughter. He was in the middle of doing a little jig and saying that he still had it, when I handed him a basketful of laundry and said, "Here, Sex on a Stick. Get to folding."

I've been able to refer to him in this way ever since, and it just doesn't get old. I love the Internet so, SO much.


Anonymous RA said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome, and I'm glad to hear that you think things went well. I am dying to see the robot website!

Anonymous Candace said...

Congrats!! That is SO awesome. I wish I could come see the studio!!

Hey, don't let Nick forget that once upon a time, you were a "bangable blog chick". You've BOTH got it!

Blogger L Sass said...

How cool! The people, they love robots (and Nick, apparently)!

Blogger Katelin said...

oh how awesome. congrats on your first friday! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAY congratulations! I heart heart heart the studio name and want to buy a Nerd Bot tshirt...when will they be made available to the adoring public?!?!

Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

EEK!! Hooray! This is so rad :D

Blogger Lindsey said...

That is soooo freaking awesome! I'm so proud of you guys!!! Robots foreva!!!

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