Quiet on the set
We make our robots in the top floor of an old un-airconditioned warehouse, surrounded by the studio spaces of dozens of other artists. A couple of weeks ago, an entire production crew, a few movie sets and equipment suddenly showed in the common areas outside our space. And then they started shooting.

We showed up one night, all set to work, and found ourselves smack-dab in the middle of a movie. Apparently we missed the memo? We came the following night, and there they were again.

After a couple of nights like this, we asked the person who runs the building what was going on, and we thought he said it would last a week. So we stayed away for the rest of the week, and came back as soon as the week was up. Surprise, surprise, there they still were.

We took matters into our own hands and finally decided to ask one of the production crew how long they'd be here. The reply? Just a few more months. Yep, that's right. MONTHS. We talked to the director and explained that we have a noisy art, but that we can't stay away any longer. And he said it was fine if we use our power tools and bang around on things in between takes, but we have to be quiet during takes. Frustrating as that is, it is now what we're doing.

We'll hammer and be loud and drill things, then they'll yell out, "Quiet on the set!" and we'll stop and stand like stone sculptures, holding our power tools in mid-air. Then we wait and listen for the director to yell, "Cut!" and start up where we left off. Let me tell you, this process is getting very old.

Since we didn't sign up for a studio space in the midst of a movie set, I think we're going to see what kind of rent discount we can get for these next few months. And I think we should also be granted full access to the craft services table. And if they are serving something really good and tasty, maybe then I'll forgive them.


Blogger L Sass said...

Yeah, let's just hope Craft Services is stocked with all your favorites. What a pain!

Blogger Katelin said...

how annoying! granted i would probably want to find out what movie it is and meet the stars, haha.

Make them give you parts as extras!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know who is in the movie -- anyone famous? Actually, I'd probably be more interested in the food table, too.

Sounds annoying when you're trying to get work done -- I hope you can find a solution! :)

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