Vegas or bust
My office is moving to a new building in a few weeks. And of course this means we are sending out a moving announcement. The design of this announcement called for a photo of all of us huddling together in the alley out back while someone wrapped us up together in giant bubble wrap and added signs that said stuff like Fragile and This Side Up.

As about 20 of us (and the dog!) were getting situated in our giant ball of bubble wrap, a strange man decided to walk up the alley and stare at us. I understand that it isn't every day that you see a gaggle of people wrapped up in bubble wrap together, but it's one of those things you think you'd walk by, maybe do a double-take of, and keep on walking. Perhaps if you were really bold you might inquire what this photo is going to be used for.

But no, not our guy. He walked up the alley and stood right next to the person taking the photos. And then he stared. And stared. And stared. I'm pretty sure someone even said something like, "Well isn't this just awkward?" But even that didn't faze him. He just stood there and watched.

This lasted even when we realized that the memory card wasn't in the camera and the photographer had to run back inside the building and find it. Here we are, all smushed up against one another and wrapped in bubble wrap, chatting and killing time, all while a random man stares at us.

Once the photographer came back and got ready to take the pictures, the man said, "Say Vegas!" He was clearly quite proud of himself for changing it from the standard cheese to something so creative and witty. "Vegas!" we all say, followed by awkward laughter at how very odd this whole situation is.

Time for the next photo, and time for our random stranger to again speak up. "Say Vegas!" he said again. Oh, the hilarity. It's even better the second time around, don't you guys think? This time the reply from us isn't quite as enthusiastic, as I'm sure you can imagine.

On the third photo, our stranger mixes it up with "Say cash!" By now almost no one is responding. This goes on for at least four or five more photos, all with "Say Vegas!" and zero response from us.

As I'm typing this out, telling you all about how crazy this guy was, I sort of wonder if he's out there somewhere sitting around with his buddies trying to explain how weird WE were. After all, we were the ones all wrapped up together in bubble wrap in an alley.

Who's the crazy dude now?


Anonymous heidikins said...

hahaha, this, my dear, is classic.


Dude, no picture?

Anonymous RA said...

Wow. The awkwardness is too much for me.

And, yeah, where's the picture?

Blogger L Sass said...

Hilarious! What a great idea for a moving announcement. We want to see it!

Your creepy staring man, on the other hand? Not so hilarious.

Blogger Katelin said...

okay that picture sounds hilarious, you guys are so creative :)

and the creepy guy, ummm creepy. haha.

Blogger Vanessa said...

Yes, where's the picture? Yeah, he is the crazy (or ultra lonely) one!

Blogger Tipp said...


Your layout is so pretty!!

Blogger kristin said...

That's incredibly funny! I can't believe some random person would do that. Talk about awkward!

Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

Wow. I've met some weird random people in my day, but this is pretty far up the list!

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