The Family Blinker
Nick and I were driving across a two-lane bridge the other day. We were in the left lane, and to the right of us was a little truck with two people in the front seat, and one little boy smushed up against the back glass in a jump seat behind them.

After a while we noticed that all three people were straining to look at us. We couldn't figure out what their deal was. I was already checking to make sure my hair wasn’t sticking straight up while Nick tried to awkwardly avoid eye contact.

Finally we notice that this strange little boy is making gestures at us and pointing to our lane, as if to ask if the truck could get over. His anxious face even had the impression that we were entering into a life or death situation in mere seconds if they did not get over.

"Don't you people know how to use a blinker!" Nick shouted. And so I had explain that you don't need to be bothered with blinking when you bring your Family Blinker with you in the back jump seat. It's so much more effective to make your strange 5-year-old kid do all the work. That way you can coast right on into your desired lane with little to no effort.

By the way, later after swerving into our lane, they did, in fact, use their left turn blinker. We now have proof that it was in operating condition that whole time and that they knew how to use it.

At least after all of this, we now have some new material for heckling drivers who don't use their blinkers correctly. Every once in a while you'll catch either one of us shouting, "Where's your freakin' Family Blinker?"


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