How I am becoming the worst blogger ever.
It seems I've been in hiding lately, which I have no excuses for besides that I've been lazy. I've come home from work each night lately and have felt so overwhelmed that even the mere thought of turning on the computer has made me cringe. I haven't written here and I certainly haven't been reading any of your sites. I might as well go ahead and accept my Worst Blog of the Year Award.

I suppose you deserve to be caught up over the last couple of very silent weeks though, so here goes as best I can remember:

New job.
Since my last post, I had to finish out my days at my last job and get acquainted with my new job. The transitioning out of my old place was awkward and sad. It's never fun to do the walk of shame out of the office with all of your belongings in a box (or in my case, about five boxes) or to say goodbye to all of your coworkers indefinitely. The transition into the new job has been great though. The space is cool, the people are great and the office dog seems to approve of me.

After the excitement of this and the stress of this, we've finally got an offer on our house again. The last couple of weeks were pretty stressful but it all worked out just days ago. Now we've got to finish selling everything we own, have a second garage sale that's even bigger than the first, pack and move in with Nick's parents before May 1. Awesome.

New glasses.
I have been due for new contacts and new glasses for about a year now but have just been wearing my old prescription because I am cheap and don't have vision insurance. I finally broke down to do it this year. I made the dreaded appointment with an eye doctor and went through the whole "Which is better, A? or B? One more time, here's A. Here's B" crap. I went out to pay for my visit, which I was expecting to be around $40. But no, it was a whopping $180. I was shocked and disgusted.

We checked around at the glasses at this very expensive location, and priced out the pair of frames that I liked, with lenses, at $560. Um, no thanks. We then went to another place where I got two pairs of frames, plus two pairs of lenses, for $250 total. And because I was buying two pairs, I qualified for a free eye exam. One that I already had spent $180 on. That's just great.

I'm going to pick up my new, normally-priced glasses today and will post some pics later since I'm sure you're just dying to know what they look like.

What I do on the weekends.
I'm a sick, sick person. Last weekend's events involved a half-naked pregnant woman caked in petroleum jelly, a bathroom, lots of trashbags, plaster and so much laughter that I'm surprised neither of us peed our pants.

The slippery pregnant woman was my sister-in-law, and the goal was to make a plaster pregnancy cast that looked like this. We were at my parents' house hiding out in the bathroom, me wearing a trashbag that I cut neck and arm holes out of, and her topless with a trashbag tucked into her pants. We looked so hot.

The entire time I was covering her with plaster strips, we were also listening to the baby monitor of my dear, sweet niece who was napping downstairs. The last thing we wanted was to have to go downstairs to get her up from her nap and scare her to death because we look like freaks. There were a few close calls, but she slept right through it and will never know what sick individuals her mom and aunt are.

Speaking of that cute kid, I did go down and get her up from her nap eventually. I walked into her room, took out her pacifier and laid her down on the bed so I could change her diaper. And wouldn't you know it, she didn't say, "Hello, how are you? Thanks for getting me up from my nap." She actually had the nerve to say, "Unk coming?" (Unk is what she calls Nick.)

Frozen is what Nick and I were yesterday. For Valentine's Day this year, Nick decided the most romantic gesture I could put forth would be to get him Royals tickets to this one particular game where they were to give out free jerseys to the first 20,000 people.

That game was yesterday. And the high here yesterday was supposed to be like 40 degrees. It snowed and everything. I bundled up in a pair of long underwear, fleece sweatpants and jeans. I had two pairs of socks on, one of which was a pair of wool knee socks. I wore a tank top, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a regular t-shirt and a fleece sweatshirt. I topped everything off with my winter coat, a pair of mittens, a wool hat and the hood of my coat up. I was so puffy and huge and restricted that I felt like I could hardly sit in a seat. I was a little bit like the kid in "A Christmas Story" in that huge snowsuit.

We knew this was a big giveaway and people would get in line really early, so we got to the stadium at about 2:00 and hopped in line for a game that started at 6:10. Instead of being in the first 20,000 people, I think we were more like within the first 20. My husband is completely insane and was happy to be the recipient of the most unromantic Valentine's Day gift ever. And I am now the recipient of frostbite on my extremities.

So I guess that about sums up the exciting parts of the last couple of weeks. I'd like to promise that I'll do better next time, but I can sometimes be a liar so don't listen to me.


Blogger Carly said...

Yay for new job and house selling! Boo for expensive glasses and frostbite.

Again, I pimp out www.zennioptical.com for all your cheap eyewear needs. I got a complete set of glasses, lenses, shipping, and all that good stuff... $25!

Glad to have you back. How much longer till the loft is ready?

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Well, at least you've been updating things, so that's good!

The belly cast looks AWESOME. Did it turn out like that? :P

Blogger Lara said...

i miss you when you're gone!

I am insanely jealous of your office dog!

Good luck with the move/sell/etc!

Blogger L Sass said...

Whew, you are BUSY!! Hope you get totally moved with a minimum of stress!!

Blogger Katelin said...

yeah for the house selling! and man you are a busy woman. glad to hear you're doing well though :)

Blogger Aimee said...

wow! you've been busy! Still waiting for the new glasses pic. :)

Blogger LaLa said...

Dude. I am the worst COMMENTER ever, damn bloglines stops me from actually commenting.

Can't wait to see your new glasses, now that I no longer wear them. Do you know why I got my eyes lasered, because in Australia for ONE pair of glasses with lenses it costs at LEAST $300, which is about $280 US. My last pair were $440 and they were on sale!

Anyway, I am sorry I am just babbling and stuff, I may as well have written a post in your comments!

Welcome back, I've missed you!

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