Hello? Is this thing on?
Why, yes, I am still alive, just kind of scatterbrained. Sorry to be so invisible lately, but if you knew what my last couple of weeks were like, I'm sure you'd forgive me. Last night Nick and I went to dinner to celebrate the end of The Crazy, and I was so tired that I just wanted to lay my head down on the table and pay someone to spoon feed me.

All is well now, or at least returning to a more manageable pace. Great timing because now I can worry about selling nearly everything we own and moving (not to our loft just yet, but to the in-laws' house), all in about three weeks' time. Fun times ahead!

On an unrelated note, wow. (via Coudal)


Blogger L Sass said...

I hope you get a lazy and relaxing weekend... or at least a productive moving weekend!

Blogger Jamie Lovely said...

Welcome back!

Blogger rudecactus said...

Yay, there you are. Hi there!

Anonymous heidikins said...

Hi! I missed you! I was about to send out the search party!

Glad you're back, at least momentarily. :o)


i was beginning to wonder where you were! :)

Blogger Vanessa said...

Hope things settle down for you soon. And those condiments? WOWIE! They catalogued our kitchen drawer!

Blogger Katelin said...

welcome back, glad that the crazy is winding down. :)

Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

Good luck with the moving! I found it crazy and yet fun.

Blogger Aimee said...

I guess you should be allowed a blog vacation. hehe. :) Good luck with all the busy!

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