You may not believe this, but Nick and I served AND protected tonight. You know us, always with the fighting of crime and the saving of lives. We're a serious force to be reckoned with, so I just suggest you don't reckon us. Apparently a mysterious criminal who crossed our path tonight wasn't aware of this.

I know you're dying to get to the juicy details, so let's just get on with it.

I was working late at the office tonight while Nick was off golfing with some coworkers. He called me when he was done so he could swing by and pick me up, but I wasn't quite finished yet. I told him to park and come to the lobby and I'd come down and get him.

A little background: our office building gets all locked up at night. You have to have a key to turn on the elevators and then a key to get to your floor and then a key to get from the floor lobby to the offices. I took my magic little key downstairs, Nick hopped on the elevator with me, and a strange woman followed right behind him. She didn't look like she was dressed in business casual or even proper-looking casual casual, but we both just assumed she was with the cleaning crew who comes in every night.

I keyed us to our floor, then we looked at the woman and asked her what floor she needed. She got all defensive and said something like, "I'm just riding the elevator!" And so we asked again where she was going. She looked at the panel of buttons and hit 16, even though on the side of the elevator she was on, they are only lights, not buttons.

Those were major red flags, so we hopped off on our floor where a cleaning person had the lobby doors wide open taking trash out. We stepped into the office portion and waited to make sure the mystery woman didn't get off. And what do you know? She DID get off and started walking around the office. We immediately stopped her and asked what she needed or why she was here. She kept saying she didn't need any help, and Nick and I told her we were calling security and she needed to leave right now. We put her back on the elevators and sent her down to the lobby, the only place you can go without having to key the elevators first.

The cleaning lady called her supervisor while we called security and gave them her description and such.

Nick went down to the lobby, trailing the woman, so that he could make sure that security knew it was the right person and offer whatever information they might need. Before Nick got downstairs, she had actually tried to hop on the elevator again with another group of building employees, but they realized she didn't push a button either and got right off. The doors closed with the woman riding, but without a key they just opened back up. That's when Nick showed up. I guess she saw him and suddenly she took off, ran into her car, and started driving away. The cleaning lady and I stood at the windows on our floor and watched it all go down.

The potential thief only made it as far as across the street when a security vehicle caught up to her, a bike cop showed up, a police car drove up and another security guard went sprinting across the street. I was too high up to see all of the details after that, but before it was all over, an ambulance also showed up with its lights flashing.

I was finally finished and ready to go home, but we weren't sure if the police would need a statement from us. We loitered around our car until the building security guard came back, and then we talked to him a bit. We told him everything that happened, including that yes, she did speak to us in English (because apparently she was pretending not to understand the officers).

He got our names and information in case they had further questions, but I'm pretty sure he just wanted to get the correct spelling for our future medals of honor. And you can bet we played along with his little ruse.


Blogger Lindsey said...

Wow, you guys are heroes!! That is intense. I was at the edge of my seat just reading that. I can't imagine what it would be like to actually stop a criminal like you guys did.

Blogger Chris said...

You guys should really be the next great crimefighting team!

Blogger Jennifer said...

wow, how dramatic and exciting! Good for you guys for being suspicious... most people would just think 'not my problem' and keep going, and be too afraid to offend anyone. I always figure my gut is right- and in this case, yours was definitely right!

Bizzaro... there was a really strange woman loitering around Joel's team BBQ a few months ago, she even sat down and started stuffing food in her bag at one point. We just figured she was homeless and let her shuffle off. Terrible crimefighters, the two of us.

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