Humor of a 7th grade boy
Our poor yard. It's looking rather brown, both because of moles and because we don't water it. The moles we can't really help, although our neighbor is giving it a valiant effort with his traps and other mole-eradicating methods. We figure he's got it under control enough for the both of us.

As far as the watering goes, we don't have a fancy-pants sprinkler system. Instead, we have Nelson. Nelson travels along a pre-laid hose and gets the whole yard watered if you just give him a while. But our issue here is that the hose we had been using as Nelson's interyard highway has crapped out on us and has gotten all kinky. It was time to buy a new hose. Our yard was practically screaming for it.

We went to the hardware store the other night for our thoroughly exciting purchase. And because we are so mature, we giggled over the following statements:

  • Let's go find us some hose.

  • Dang, these hose are expensive, ya'll!

  • It's a shame that you can't find good, cheap hose anymore.

  • I don't like those hose because they look like they could get kinky.

  • Throw the hose in the backseat and let's take 'em home.

It just never got old. Not once. And in case you're curious, Nelson enjoyed his new hose immensely, thanks.


Blogger Dawnie said...

You know, sometimes you just need some new, non-kinky hose to get you back in gear. I'm glad Nelson's back in business with his new hose.

(Also: heh. It really doesn't get old.)

Anonymous Candace said...

Thanks a lot.. Now I am going to go out in search of a $70 sprinkler ;(

Blogger L Sass said...

I'd be laughing at those "hose" comments, too. In fact, I am. Heh.

Blogger littlemissy555 said...

Heh...you said hose ;0p

Blogger Lindsey said...

LOL thatis too funny. I'm all about hose jokes. It's right up there with jokes about getting leid. It never stops being funny!

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