First, our nextdoor neighbor boy was winning us over through chocolate. And now? Jewelry.

Last night Nick was grilling in our backyard while I was on our deck doing a little photo shoot with our robots. The lighting at that time of evening was perfect, and it was the real deal -- white sheet clipped up, multiple poses, fan and mister blowing, the works. Okay, so maybe there was no fan and mister, but that would have been cool.

Aside: We've added three new robots to our repertoire, so now we are up to six. Plus there are two more that are just missing arms and legs at the moment. The photo shoot was to get our robots ready for their big web debut as we are going to start selling them very soon, so stay tuned.

I'm not sure how our neighbor boy knew we were in the backyard, unless he heard us or peeked through the fence to see us. Needless to say, he was very curious about the goings-on with the robots. He sheepishly walked over and stared for a while. I introduced him to "the boys" and told him about how we made them ourselves and that I was taking pictures because we were going to sell them. I think the whole time he was probably thinking something along the lines of, "Help me, I live next to two major freaks."

And just as silently and quickly as he had appeared, he disappeared and went back home. I thought I probably just frightened him.

I went inside to put the boys back and do a few things around the house. When I peeked back out to where Nick was grilling, I could tell our little friend had come back to keep him company. And he came bearing gifts. He had about four different necklaces to choose from, and Nick had already picked out the boring gold one for me so that he could save the awesome red one with stars for himself. I know how he operates. Nick wore his stylin' bling the rest of the time he was grilling, feeling quite manly I must say.

Check us out in our new fashionable accessories here. And does it look okay with that outfit? I wasn't sure.


Anonymous alyndabear said...

You guys are hot. Jewelery AND chocolate? I think the kiddo needs to come and visit me.

Can't wait to see the robots!

Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

I'm thinking the kid was not scared, but impressed that he has met two adults cool enough to spend time building robots :D

Blogger L Sass said...

You're so lucky! I barely exchange greetings with my neighbors, much less receive gifts of candy and jewelry!

Blogger Aimee said...

That is an awesome neighbor! Where do I get one of those?!

Blogger heidikins said...

Ooooh! While the gold one is probably classified as a "classic" the red-starry one is freaking hot! I hope you have plans to pilfer it from the red-starry-necklace hog.


Blogger Lindsey said...

Maybe he'll get his parents to buy him a robot!! You and Nick are quite possibly the cutest couple ever. Love the bling.

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