WSOPC, part deux
I didn't pee my pants watching the World Series of Pop Culture last Thursday, but there are no promises as far as tonight goes. Team Wocka Wocka won last week in what was a rockin' episode (if you missed it, read the recap), and is on VH1 once again tonight. That means one more viewing party that Nick and I get to attend, and one more viewing party during which I have to try to contain my excitement into a manageable, socially acceptable, level.

At the last party, two members of the Westerburg High team from Lawrence, Kansas, came to show their support. Their first episode had just aired the night before, and as we walked into the bar they were the first people we recognized sitting there. I looked at them and tried to think about how I knew them because they seemed so familiar. And then Nick reminded me that we just watched them the night before. Duh. So naturally we walked up to them as though we were old friends and chatted a bit, congratulating them on their big win and telling them how we rooted for them the whole time. It's kind of weird how you can feel like you know someone just by watching them on TV. I'm sure that gets pretty annoying to real rock stars and movie stars.

The party itself was really fun. It was eerie to see our friends' faces on 14 TVs all at once, and the cheering and booing by everyone there at the party really added to the intensity level. Like it wasn't intense enough.

I'm definitely excited for the party tonight, whether they win or lose. However, they'd better win so that we can have another week of feeling like we know celebrities. You see, I once worked on a radio commercial years ago with this woman and she's just not cutting it for me anymore. I'm ready for some replacement celebs in my life.

And hey, if they lose, then Nick and I will once again force our carpool buddy to go through the Wendy's drive-thru for chcocolate Frosty Floats and in the end, everyone wins.


Blogger Carrisa said...

Edie McClurg! Hey VH1 did play Ferris Bueller after the WSOPC the other night. So that was like... double time for you on the hobnobbing with celebs.

I was pretty bummed that El Chupacabra didn't make it past round one this year. So from now on I will totally root for team Wocka Wocka.

Blogger L Sass said...

Damn you, Angela. Now I want a Frosty!

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