Sorry dudes, can't talk.
You'll have to excuse me from blogging and commenting tonight because I'm way too busy rubbing elbows with television celebs.

Actually, perhaps not quite in the celeb category, but well on their way, are our friends Robert, Kelly and Rachel who are making their big debut on the WSOPC tonight. (That's World Series of Pop Culture for all of you pop culture laymen.) I really hope I hear you all rooting on Team Wocka Wocka on VH1 tonight at 9/8c.

You can read a spiffy interview with them here and feel free to stalk them and be impressed by their pop culture prowess here.

On a related note, Nick and I have been TiVo-ing the WSOPC all week, and every night when we sit down to watch it I get all nervous. Who knows what I'll be like tonight at the premier party. I really hope I don't pee my pants from the sheer excitement.


Blogger L Sass said...

I love World Series of Pop Culture! I'm totally in Team Wocka Wocka's fan club now!

Blogger Aimee said...

OMG! Team Wocka Wocka all the way!

I didn't realize it had started - I will stay tuned! Have fun!

Blogger Lindsey said...

Oh I saw that show once and thought it was really cool! I should watch it more. Due to peer pressure, I'll have to be with Team Wocka Wocka!

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