Our adorable nextdoor neighbor big-wheeled his way on over to our house, rang our doorbell, and gave us these. We keep a thing of change right next to our front door, so Nick gave him some quarters for his piggy bank. About ten minutes later, he big-wheeled back over, rang our doorbell again, and said he felt bad about keeping the money because "he has his own." Nick insisted that he keep it so he finally gave in.

Sometimes I think we're going to miss a few things about good old suburbia when we move downtown to a loft.

(And perhaps I should point out that it was the 5-year-old nextdoor neighbor boy to our left, not the 80-year-old elderly man to our right. THAT would be an awkward exchange.)


Blogger Lara said...

hey, i would have great respect for any 80-year-old who can ride a big wheel successfully. :)

(sorry i've been bad about commenting lately - just busy. but i'm still around!)

Blogger Lindsey said...

That is so cute! It's true, when you're not in suburbia people are just, well, different. They're just not as friendly in the city. My neighborhood is kind of in between the two, so I really get a mix of people. Some are so kind and others just stare at me funny because they are total rednecks and I'm not.

That is super-adorable. What a sweet little kid, trying to return your change. My heart is hurting a the cuteness.

Blogger L Sass said...

As someone who doesn't get to spend enough time in suburbia, it warms my heart to know that Big Wheels are still out there, cruising the streets of America!

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