I'm not here, but leave a message and I'll get back to you. BEEP.
Did I say two "measly little days" until freedom? Last night was a 15-hour workday and who knows what today will bring. This week is so crazy that I can hardly think straight.

More coherent ramblings to come this weekend. Stay tuned.


Anonymous heidikins said...

Hi Ang, it's heidikins. Just "calling" to say hi, hope you have a ok day at work, and fantastic-and-relaxing plans for the weekend.

Talk to you soon!
Ok, bye!

Blogger Nick said...

Ang, it's your husband. I was just checking in because I have not seen or heard from you in days. Just wanted to touch base and make sure we are still married. Feel free to give me a call, I will be at work for the next couple of hours.

Talk to ya later,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Thumby,
It's HollowSquirrel! What's going on?! OMG did you hear your blog was nominated for Best Thumbs on the Internet? Hitch that!

Have a great weekend & trip. Talk (?) to you soon! Jojo waves hieeeee to his favorite robot-lovin' blogger.

Ok bye!

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Um, Angela?

I feel tired just hearing about your workdays lately. Just ringin' to make sure you get some Starbucks into your system, pronto!


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