Precious cargo
You really don't want to take any chances when it comes to your Starbucks drink. It's definitely best to buckle up, especially when Nick likes to do doughnuts with the grocery cart or pick it up and carry it down the aisle.

Maybe next time we'll get the drink one of those big plastic car carts. You know, where the kids get buckled into the front and get to pretend to drive and stuff.


Blogger Tuesday Girl said...

My grocery store has cup holders for our starbucks. You should buy the ones that you can put on your stroller!

Blogger Carrisa said...

Yes we simply cannot risk spilling our grande iced caramel macchiatos with an extra shot (that's what I get when I want a cold one)

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Bahaha! I'm proud of you, strapping in the coffee like that -- and I'm sure the supermarket employees are, too. ;)

It's nice to be back!

Blogger Angela said...

We might have to start auditioning grocery stores based on cup holder availability.

Blogger Lisa said...

So many people understand this. I, for one.

Blogger Isabel said...

Hey, you need to be safe. I understand.

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