I'm getting ready to start a 14-hour workday because I have so many projects to get finished. There are a few projects on my plate right now that I don't mind doing because they are mindless, easy design. I usually do those first to get them away from my desk and to feel like I'm marking lots of stuff off of my to do list. I get such a feeling of satisfaction by clearing off a list. Obviously, I am a list-making ANIMAL.

While the mindless ones are the easiest and quickest jobs, they are not the ones that we as designers covet the most. We want the really tough projects that challenge us, that make us extend outside of our norm, that are completely open for own interpretation. I have a few of those right now, too. I value those projects, but I also hate that I'm just now entering into the critical point in the process where I need to deliver something really great, really soon. Like, today-soon. And my brain feels empty.

This feeling that I get prior to having a concrete idea on paper, or on screen as the case may be, is torturous. I get this heavy-burden weight on my shoulders. I'm feeling that weight right now. I felt it last night on the drive home as I tried to come up with ideas. I felt it last night when I tried to relax. I felt it this morning as soon as I awoke.

I think all creatives feel that weight a lot of the time. We have trouble leaving our work at the office because our brains never turn off like a light switch. But the reason we love what we do is because eventually, we know a great concept or design will come from somewhere and we'll surprise even ourselves. And that aha! moment feels truly amazing. It's what we live for. Well, that and the free food and swag. And being able to wear jeans to work.

So there you have a peek into my own personal love-hate relationship with my occupation. Now if you will excuse me, I have a very long list to attend to. Tomorrow at this time, I expect to be burden-free and basking in the glory of finished, well-received projects.


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