Properly kicking off the 11-day vacation
The last week was certainly a bit hectic trying to get projects tied up before being out of the office for a long, glorious period of time. But that's all behind me now, because today Nick and I kicked off vacation in style.

Pajamas were worn nearly all day, our hot tub got a lot of use, I pranced around in my ever-so-stylish foot duvets, we wrapped ALL of our presents and we took a two hour nap. It was amazing.

What wasn't quite so amazing was that as of this morning, I hadn't bought a single gift for Nick. Apparently he is unloved or something. I got out bright and early, hitting up several locations, and finished in under two hours (which includes driving time and magazine-reading time at Barnes & Noble). I was pretty impressed with myself. Within another hour his presents were all wrapped and his stocking was threatening to fall off the mantle because it's so full.

Now if I could just get those pesky Christmas cards out...


Blogger Noreen said...

I'm mailing my Christmas cards tomorrow...

I love vacation days. There's nothing better than wearing your PJs all day long.

Blogger janet said...

I love vacation, especially for the abundance of naps! Merry Christmas!

Blogger Michelle said...

i always shop more efficently under pressure! isn't that the best way :)

hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!

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