Strange day at work
I've art directed a few photo shoots in the past, but usually they involve products or models. You know, objects that take direction very well.

Today was my first shoot featuring animals, and my, what a difference an animal can make. Our star was a large, horselike breed of a dog, weighing in at somewhere between 100-125 pounds. There were four dogs total, actually, because you just never know how these animals will do when thrown in the middle of a scary photography studio.

And then there was a trainer, or wrangler, who was a sweet woman who most certainly weighed less than the dogs. It was her job to wrestle these beasts into a sitting, standing, or laying position as directed. I found the whole process entirely amusing. With a few of the younger, less trained dogs, it was literally like wrasslin' a gator. And once they were finally in position, she then had to entice them to look up by using treats, fake treats, a myriad of toys, or my personal fave, her own barking and howling noises. And let's just say they didn't sit still very long so it was a constant dance between wrestling and acting like a fool to try to grab their attention.

She has an interesting job, that's for sure. And I didn't even mention the massive amounts of de-drooling she had to do.

The dogs' owners, or stage moms if you will, were also there attempting to whip their pets into shape and make them take direction. Between the owners shouting commands, the wrangler with her toys and treats and dog noises, the horselike dogs being wrestled into position, the photographer, the lighting crew and the rest of us giggling on the sidelines, it was certainly not a typical day at the office.

I must say that I really enjoyed it though and I'm ready to work with animals again, if only to once more be able to "send them to wardrobe." (They had to put on a special collar.) I may have used that line more than once at the shoot today, and then again to Nick when I was telling about the shoot, and now I guess to you guys, and sadly it still makes me laugh. I slay me.


Blogger Katelin said...

Haha, sounds like a fun day.

Blogger L Sass said...

Hee. Next time you work with animals, can you take some sneaky video of the antics for us to enjoy??

Blogger rudecactus said...

At the very least it sounds challenging!

Blogger alyndabear said...

Sounds unpredictable... but fun! I love animals. ;)

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