What a letdown
The robot pumpkin was a pretty big hit amongst our sparse little 21 trick-or-treaters. Yes, we totally kept tally marks. And don't worry, everyone's favorite spreadsheet-obsessed corporate monkey, Nick, has promised a bar graph and/or a snazzy Powerpoint presentation breakdown of costume demographics, so I can't wait to see that.

My favorite exchange was from a young blue Power Ranger and his pink Power Ranger little sister. First I see the blue Power Ranger sprinting across the sidewalk and up our front stairs. I went to the door with my overflowing bowl of candy, and while he was catching his breath he asked to wait for his sister, who was still toddling on unsteady feet across the sidewalk. The little boy and I stood at the door together, admiring the pumpkin. I asked him if he liked it and told him it was a robot. He was all, "I know." Duh lady, you think I was born yesterday?

The pink Power Ranger finally made it up the stairs, ignoring the heaping candy placed before her. She went straight to the pumpkin and asked if she could touch it. So I said yes and laughed as she touched it like it was some sort of treasure. Ah, the little things in life. They finally moved onto the candy. The pink Power Ranger thought about her decision for a while and took one. The blue guy was experiencing a bit of indecision, so he decided to take one of each and ended up with about five or six pieces.

I said something like, "Thanks, guys, have a fun night," as they ran off. And the cutest part of the whole thing was that the blue Power Ranger yelled over his shoulder, "You’re welcome!" Like yeah, boring old lady, you should be thanking US for coming over to take all of your candy and touch your dumb pumpkin.

Now back to the official trick-or-treating tally mark. Just 21? Are you serious? We live in the 'burbs near a grade school and everything, and all we get is 21?

I know where the problem lies, too, and I'm not happy about it. I have 10 fingers and I'm pointing them all squarely at the neighbors who live on the ends of our street. (We are smack-dab in the middle.) Those grumpy fuddy-duddies ALL had their lights off. Our poor street was dead. Dark. Uninviting. No one even ventured to the middle to give us a chance. We (Nick) mowed the yard, and we (Nick) trimmed all of the bushes, and we (mostly Nick) even swept the front steps and the driveway of dangerous debris, all for nothing.

Well, okay, maybe it wasn’t for nothing. We have a huge bowl full of candy now. Enough said.

So what did you guys do for Halloween?


Blogger JAMs Wife said...

Next year try a blow up pumpkin out front and halloween music to get the kids attention. Our street is kind of the same thing, but our neighbours and I went all out with pumpkins, music, fire etc. So we had a ok turn out of about 50 kids. Next year we are going to try for even more...

Blogger Katelin said...

Our street was pretty dull too. So sad. But we got a handful of cuties. Gotta love the cute kids and their costumes.

Blogger Lisa said...

I think the fuddie duddies in your 'hood were the reason as to why you didn't have too many kiddos ringing your doorbell.

But hey now you've got a ton of candy. Yipee! :-)

Anonymous LaLa said...

Man, I wished we celebrated Halloween in Australia, it's a bit of a non-event here. I think we only got some drunk teenagers last year.

Mad pumpkin carving skillz.

Blogger L Sass said...

21 is a lot more than many of the bloggers I read! I got zero, because I live in a childless apartment complex. Sniff. Maybe if I'd had a robot pumpkin, they would have come.

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