Four random things
First thing:
At the end of the next two weeks, I will have spoken at one college class and have had two job shadowers come on two different days. I must seem to everyone else that I know what I’m doing. But really, I’m quite terrified of these types of things and must just do a really good job of hiding it.

Second thing:
We went antiquing a few different times over the weekend to scout out robot parts. It was pouring rain the whole time we were out on Saturday, so we took our trusty small black umbrella with us and left it dripping by the front door of each place. When it was time to leave one of the stores, our umbrella was mysteriously missing. The guy behind the counter didn’t touch it, and he said the only person in there was this little old lady who just moved in from California. So I’m pretty sure that punk old lady stole our umbrella! The nerve.

The nice antique store owner walked over to a big bucket full of old umbrellas that were for sale, pulled out a nice crap-brown and tan little number with a four-foot cane handle, ripped off the tag and gave it to us. Ours, to keep. Aren’t we just so lucky? Our old one conveniently fit inside my purse, so now the only thing left to do is buy a gigantic four-foot purse and I’m all set, because this umbrella is a keeper.

Third thing:
Last week, Nick had to have the car to go downtown on several different occasions, which obviously meant that he had to endure the trials and tribulations of street parking. And he ended up with a parking ticket as a result. Apparently, you can’t park within four feet of a driveway.

How far was he, you ask? The cop was kind enough to write it down on his ticket for reference. Three feet, eight inches. Hey, the law is the law, people, and if you make a concession for FOUR inches, then who's to say you won't have to turn around and allow FIVE inches? After that, where would the madness end? So from now on, let this be a lesson to all of you -- carry a tape measure and get out and measure your spots before parking. It's the law.

Fourth thing:
Over the last few days, I've probably spent at least ten minutes or more staring at this thing. I'm talking down and dirty staring. And I can't for the life of me get it to spin counter-clockwise. I'm trying so, so hard. Reading the comments isn't really helping either, what with everyone bragging about how they can concentrate really hard and get it to go both ways. I'm staring, looking at it cross-eyed, looking at it from my peripheral vision, and looking away and looking back at it try to catch it off-guard. No luck. What would make me the happiest woman ever wouldn't be for my husband to clean the entire house and make a gourmet candlelit dinner, but rather that I could just get this stupid thing to spin counter-clockwise. Obviously, I really don't need much out of life.


Blogger Carrisa said...

I feel like that image is messing with me! At first it was going clockwise. My husband saw the same. Then for like two whole mins it was going counter clockwise and I couldn't get it to go back. (only for me though, not for him) Then it finally went back to clockwise. I really feel like the image is just messing with me. Probably not what you wanted to hear.

Anonymous Kathleen said...

Odd, it did the same thing too with me & my bf. We both saw it turn anti-clockwise, & then suddenly saw it turn clockwise. Then he saw it switch again but i didn't. Verrrrrrry odd.

Anonymous natalia said...

Oh man, I spent way too much time with that ballerina this weekend too.

The only way i can get her to switch is to reload the page...while it's loading, she's still and then starts spinning slowly and then i can kinda choose which way she's going. Although that says nothing about my brain except that it likes to cheat.

Blogger janet said...

i was able to get it to spin the other way if I scrolled down a little bit so i was just looking at her legs. Imagine the spinning out leg going IN FRONT of the vertical leg, or vice versa. Does that help?

Blogger L Sass said...

I never thought I'd get it to spin either! But I never could do those magic eye thingers either. What can I say... I have lasik eyeballs but not laser eyeballs.

But then I looked down at her feet and then up again and got it to spin the other way when I refocused.

I feel your frustration.

Blogger Michelle said...

4 feet really? i wonder if it's the same in neighborhoods too. because some asshole always parks right up to the start of the driveway and it's so hard to back out!

but really for four inches the guy could've cut you some slack.

Blogger heidikins said...

Well, now you have a trusty 4-foot umbrella for just such parking measurements. Whew, thank heavens there is something right in the world. ;o)

As for the spinny thing - it won't work and I am getting a headache - so, I'm officially quitting.


Blogger rudecactus said...

I have the feeling that's going to drive me crazy. Absolutely crazy.

Oh, and by the way, I'm not sure you're human if you don't feel, at some point, like you have no idea what you're doing.

Blogger Katelin said...

my friend just sent me the dancer link, i gave up, haha.

Blogger Candace said...

That thing is FREAKING ME OUT. If I focus on the bottom foot that is closest to the ground, it goes clockwise. But if I focus on the shadow down below, I can get it to go counter clockwise. Weirrrrd.

Ha -- the dancer is clearly turning clockwise, which means I'm right brained, supposedly... but the attributes they list for right brain are SO not me. Spatial perception, "big picture", risk-taking? Um, no.

Also, Janet is a genuis. Using her technique I can get it to go back and forth.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't even check that link but I know what you're talking about. I can't get it to move either. grrrr.

Blogger Suzie said...

wow it must be my brain tumor because I can make it go either way! kwel I always knew a left side tumor would come in handy.

Anonymous Colleen said...

That dancer thing consumed my entire night last Thursday. It drove me insane!!

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