Just get me to the church on time
Nick was in his friend's wedding this weekend, so naturally he had to be all ready and at the church for pictures early. Before I dropped him off, I spent the whole morning cleaning the car inside and out, doing laundry, and cleaning out the garage. I was dusty and gross, desperately in need of a shower, and was dressed to the nines in my frumpy sweats.

So I dropped Nick off and then rushed back to wrap the presents and get myself all ready for the big day. I had exactly two hours to get everything done, which seems like ample time, right?

WRONG. For some reason, everything was seemingly working against me, trying to force me to be late.

First I had to stop and buy wrapping paper and ribbon, because I have this strange glitch where I have to make sure my gifts look beautiful and perfect, at least when it comes to weddings and wedding-related gift giving occasions. The packages have to be wrapped with real ribbon, and if I know the wedding colors, then they should be color-coordinated to match. It's a sickness, really.

I bought my paper and color-coordinated ribbon and tie-on accessories and then got in the car to head home. And what do you know, the gas light came on, after Nick just told me I'd have enough to drop him off, go home, and make it back to the church. Not quite. I went and got my gas, wasting about 15 more minutes of my valuable getting-ready time.

Once home, I frantically started wrapping our gifts in the new paper. I got the first smallish gift wrapped and decorated properly. Everything was going smoothly until I started on the second, somewhat larger, gift.

Not enough paper. So great. Now my gifts won't match and won't be color-coordinated nicely. The horror! I ran upstairs to the gift wrap stash and found some that would just have to do. I sprinted back downstairs and started on the big gift. I was wrapping so fast that I wasn't being very careful and ended up with paper bubbling out and crooked and looking just downright horrible. I contemplated telling them that Nick wrapped this one, but I ended up tearing off all of the paper and starting again.

While I was doing this, the doorbell rang. I sat in silence, listening to the voices admire our robot pumpkin, wondering who in the world it could be. If they even thought I was going to answer the door at a time like this, then they had another thing coming. I went upstairs to spy out the window, and found it was a very suspicious-looking girl scout with her very suspicious-looking grandmother. Not cool, guys.

I finally wrapped the gifts, showered, straightened my hair, put on my makeup, and rushed out the door. The rest should be smooth sailing, right?

Not quite. I'm on the highway, speeding to the church (shhhhh, don't tell) when I get stuck in what appears to be a traffic jam. Cars are everywhere. Some are pulled off to the right side, some are pulled off to the left side, some are just stopped in the middle of the lanes. I see a motorcycle cop with his lights flashing, and cars are entering from an entrance ramp very, very slowly. I'm looking around for whatever accident just happened when I realize that all the cars entering from the entrance ramp have their lights flashing and I'm apparently smack-dab in the middle of a funeral procession.

Of a very popular person.

Don't worry though, it all worked out okay. I made it to the church, albeit two entire minutes late. No one even noticed. The wedding was lovely and the best part was that I got to spend all day hanging out with good-looking men in tuxedos. And Nick wasn't so bad either.


Blogger Michelle said...

why is it that when you're running late everything seems to go wrong?! it's so damn frusterating!

Blogger Katelin said...

That always happens to me too, you think you have time...but really time is against you! Haha. Glad you made it on time and I take it the gifts turned out well wrapped?

Blogger rudecactus said...

Murphy's Law, right there! Hope you had a good time!

Blogger JAMs Wife said...

I am sure the bride and groom that recieve your well-dressed gifts really appreciate the time and effort of your wrapping! Mpst people these days just throw presents in bags.

Blogger Lisa said...

You look georgous in the pic you linked to this post. And your hubby looks hot too.

So glad you made it on time(two minutes late is considered on-time to me)!

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