Twinkle Toes
Because the last shoes I posted on here brought me such fame and fortune, I thought it was about time to share my other favorite pair with you. And then I'll stop with the shoes, promise.*

*Disclaimer: Unless I suddenly buy another very cute pair that I can't just keep to myself, for fear of internal combustion.

So this pair, which I lovingly refer to as "Twinkle Toes," gets action only when I decide to dress up and look nice-ish, like perhaps for a client meeting turned conference call that ended up turning into a one-minute conversation rather than a presentation at all. I didn't even get to say hello or introduce myself or anything, let alone describe what I was wearing. A perfectly decent outfit wasted on spending almost the entire day holed up in my office.

But I'm definitely NOT complaining (even though it sounds like I am) because one-minute meetings in which you don't need to speak OR think are definitely the best kinds of meetings ever.

So anyway, I guess because Twinkle Toes are sort of shiny, people tend to notice them when we are having a conversation or something. And I'm like, "Hello? My face is up here." I'm sure you all can understand how it just gets old when people seem to stare at your, ahem... shoes... when they are speaking to you. I guess that's just a problem I am going to have to learn to live with. But I can assure you I am most vehemently opposed to getting a shoe reduction. When you got it, flaunt it, right? I know in my heart of hearts that I'll be clacking around in my shiny wedges until the day I die. Or they go out of style.


Anonymous Colleen said...

Nice shoes! I think I need a pair of Twinkle Toes for myself!

Blogger Isabel said...

Why oh why do you throw your awesome photoshop skillzzzz in my face?

Blogger Angela said...

Sorry about that. I just can't seem to help myself.

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