I know it's only fall and the weather is beautiful and perfect, but I have a confession to make. I NEED fingerless gloves. In a pretty bad way. Basically, I need them because the area of the office that I inhabit is freezing cold all the time, even in the dead of summer. And for some reason they expect me to type and mouse. Weird, I know. It's so cold that I love washing my hands in the bathroom just so I can use hot water.

Speaking of hand sanitation, I was once in a client meeting where we were for some reason discussing hand washing (what do you talk about in your client meetings?), and one person said they heard somewhere you were supposed to wash for as long as it takes to sing happy birthday to yourself. Yeah, thanks a lot for mentioning that, because now I can't wash my hands without singing happy birthday. And now I'm passing that neurotic behavior on to you. Enjoy.

Back to my desperate NEED for these gloves... not only do I need them to keep warm at work, but I also need them because they are cute and fashionable and are finally hitting the stores right about now. I know, I was just as shocked that I couldn't find them in the dead of summer.

So I am asking all of my readers (I mean both of them) for their unbiased opinions on which gloves I should get.

Exhibit A

Here we have lovely plum patterned gloves from our dear friend, Urban Outfitters.

Exhibit B

Another, simpler pair, also from Urban Outfitters.

Exhibit C

Excessively cute brown and blue polka dots. You guessed, it. Urban Outfitters.

Exhibit D

Pros: They appear to be the warmest of Exhibits A-D.
Cons: Highly uncute. Also, when attached to one's keyboard, what happens when one forgets and tries to answer one's phone? Not that I would expect that to happen to me or anything.

So there you have it. Which pair should I get? Any other recommendations? You'd better let me know soon, because in the meantime I'll just be hanging out in the bathroom with the hot water running, singing happy birthday to myself.


Anonymous husband said...

I like the polka dots but I also like the buttons. What do
I know though.
Here are some super cool ones that have hit the market. Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson will be the next ones wearing these. Check them out. (Click on the husband link)

Blogger Angela said...

Hmmm... your link didn't work. And I guess making you watch Project Runway with me has paid off. Look at how fashion forward you are!

P.S. I never make him watch PR -- he may not admit it to everyone, but he's a pretty willing viewer.

Anonymous Jack said...

The one with the buttons rocks. Nice blog too! :)

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