You know what I don’t like very much? Putting on jeans fresh out of the laundry, as witnessed this morning by the dear husband.

A: (struggling with jeans)
N: Just-washed jeans? Yeah, I hate that too.
A: I think I’m just going to Sumo It™.

And then I did, and it worked. As a public service, I just wanted to fill you in on the clinically proven Sumo It™ technique the next time you find yourself in the same predicament.


Anonymous husband said...

So sad yet so true. I can understand what she is thinking before she even says anything. As a testament to that, we played RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors) and I guessed what she was going to pick (no joking) 10 times in a row. What is that all about? I must have some RPS sixth sense. Practice up wifey and let me know when your ready.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is my household tip of the day: dry your jeans half way in the dryer (on low heat) then hang dry the rest of the way. This reduces shrinkage.

Jessica invited me to your blog. It was nice meeting you on Saturday at the movies!


Blogger Angela said...

I may just try to air dry next time -- it will give me back my dignity in the mornings when I'm getting dressed. And I already lay out practically three-fourths of my wardrobe all over the house anyway, so what's a few extra pairs of pants when you're already walking a mine-field?

Anonymous husband said...

Shrinkage is never good... when washing jeans.

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